Yoga for Duckhunters

from the studio to the tidal flats



Twas the night before Duckmas
and all through the reeds
no ducks were sleeping
from the knocking of knees

The decoys were slung
to be placed with care
in hopes of making ducks
appear out of morning air

The hunters were snugged
into their beds
with visions of limits
hanging ’round their heads

The duck dogs were curled up
with feet-twitching dreams
of the last time they nailed
a two-bird retrieve

When out on th edeck
arose such a sound
I grabbed my 12 guage to be
ready for what might be coming ’round

Out on the porch
I saw a flickering light
it was a fellow duck hunter
who planned to stay up
for the night

He’d tripped on the garbage can
and fallin on the deck
his duck lanyard nearly
strangling his neck

We sat on some lawn chairs
out under the stars
waiting for dawn
to make us what we are


  1. Michelle Pellegrino

    September 8, 2013 at 9:06 pm

    love it!

  2. thanks Michelle! you should hear the limricks Steve makes up in the field!

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